Body Spirit United is when the body knows and respects spirit, and the spirit knows and respects the body. The key is about our relationship with ourselves. When we offer a mutually loving and supportive relationship to ourselves we can attain mutually loving and supportive relationships with others.

It all starts with the old statement above the entrance to the temple of Delphi:


At Body Spirit Centre, the aim is to bring together people and teachers who are interested in exploring, in a safe environment, ways of getting to know not only our body but our spirit as well. Spirit is what gives us the energy to get up in the morning; it feeds the passion for what our souls purpose during our lifetime. This is a balance between human being and our human doing. Come to the Body Spirit Centre to explore and find your own center.

The Body Sprit Centre is a place to embody love and transcend our fears. Until we truly love and trust ourselves we cannot love or trust others. This happens through awareness and the path of being aware is similar yet individual for each one of us. How we are different and what is the intention for exploring these differences gives a view to our life purpose. The Body Spirit Centre offers workshops and learning that facilitates connection to a deep routed sense of wholeness, purpose, and well being.