Mar 5th, 2014
By Ellery Littleton

duncanI arranged an appointment recently with Duncan Fraser, one of The Haven’s little cadre of exceptional body workers and healers. Many friends and colleagues have spoken of his remarkable skills at guiding people to a more whole and balanced experience of life.

My lower back was on my mind, so to speak, where the pain is chronic, down on the right side of my spine. The ache is sometimes severe, sometimes moderate, but never entirely absent. Pain is always a messenger, and I had long ago received the message.

Duncan asked me a few questions, listening attentively. I talked about my back, of course, putting my hand on my hip, spine and thigh. Duncan nodded, asked me to walk around, sit down, lie down, breathe.

Finding Ourselves

Where in this life do we begin? How do we evolve? These are simple questions that have probably been asked for centuries. Each one of us have our own beliefs and stories which coincide with our awareness of our personal life journey. My awakening started over 20 years ago after a brush with death. I started questioning my false sense of security in needing power over people and control in my environment. First I explored why many relationships didn’t satisfy me and why my thirst for money and power nearly killed me. I spent years learning communication models, processing feelings and studying my body’s reaction and response to stimuls from others. I found myself reliving childhood beliefs and fears. I thought these experiences of family and culture formed my life behaviours. So I dove into learning and training with Bennet Wong and Jock Mckeen at the Haven Institute, Marjory Rand at the IBP Institute, Ida Rolf’s Body work training at the Guild for Structural Integration and completed a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Counseling. (more…)